Thursday, May 7, 2009


(my response to a hefty post regarding love and debasement and their possible co-existence):

i'm not sure why degradation or humiliation is, as some have mentioned here, any different from other variations of bdsm some of us engage in. one person's abuse is another person's kink. i do understand why you might have hesitation in engaging in it - it's pretty taboo in society at large, and knowing that it's consensual sometimes makes it do-able.

but the same could be said for daddy/girl play. or "rape" play (otherwise known as "forced sex play. whatever.)

the real question, i think, comes up if (like some of us here) you don't normally engage in role play activity with your partner. if you don't normally do role play, then i imagine it's hard to separate "pretend" abuse from "real" debasement (which in some minds can equal abuse). and then the next question becomes,

"is it okay to really debase and/or humiliate someone?"

we've all arrived in our places here in fetlife because of biology/context/environment with our kinks in place. for whatever reason, some people are turned on by being humiliated and debased for real. if this is a healthy practice or not becomes a wholly different question (and not one you're actually asking). but for the record, kinky activities of any risky type can be done either healthily or unhealthily. depends on the people involved not the kink itself.


Riff Dog said...

Even in roleplay, I'm a little hesitant to degrade a woman. I'll use bitch or whore or the usual names, but I'm just not comfortable saying ugly or stupid or truly mean words.

Zinscunt said...

It was never part of what i envisioned life and kink with the One i trust with my mind, my body and my soul, but when He has debased and degraded me it was So Hot. Sometimes, in completing tasks for Him, i end up degrading myself...For Him. i have come to Crave this from Him...the next insult.
From anyone else, this kind of behavior and treatment is Completely unacceptable. It really is in that Trust in Him.